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Providing service to The Triangle and surrounding areas since 2008, Capital Comfort is a family owned/operated business that strives to deliver the best quality service and workmanship. Let us be your HVAC company of choice today!


We do work for homeowners, contractors, landlords and more.

HVAC Service/Repair

We service all brands of equipment.

General maintenance is good to get the best out of your equipment, we offer service and repair services to keep your units working to keep you comfortable all year round.

We aren't here to sell you a new unit if it isn't required, the ability to fix equipment is our speciality.

HVAC Installation

We offer most major brands of equipment, ask us today about our offerings.

For when the time comes to replace your equipment we are here to provide quality worksmanship and excellent service to make your investment work as long as possible.

Cutting quality for cost is not something we believe in!

HVAC Inspections

Inspections are an important part to the home buying process, you want to be sure your investment does not have any major hidden costs that you can get stuck with.
We check all aspects of the status of the home's HVAC system to make sure there are no surprises when it comes to taking over a property.

For full home inspections we recommend VIP Inspections

Gas Installation

Gas is essential for heating homes and cooking burgers, we run the lines to let those things happen.
We use flexible and/or black iron pipe runs to deliver your gas anywhere needed on the property, all connections are pressure tested and bubble checked to provide another level of safety to any new runs.

Contact us today about all your gas hookup needs!

Unsure if we offer a certain service? Contact us today!